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SanctuaryRPG is a turn-based, monster slaying adventure in the mystical land called Sanctuary. Roguelike inspired, this game utilizes breathtaking ASCII art, along with the imagination of the player, to create a world of wizards and warlocks, ghosts and goblins, and soups and salads. In addition to having six playable character classes, the player can also choose among nine unique races, traverse the expansive and mystical keystone dungeons, and engage in various hijinks with other wayfarers. As the plot thickens throughout the game, the player can craft items under an apprenticeship, wander the countryside, fight creatures, and if the player is charming enough, even romance a lovely cow! Fans often describe the game as having a choose-your-own-adventure game feel, as it offers truly compelling dungeon-crawling gameplay that is inspired by Nethack, Zork, and Legend of the Red Dragon.


  • Full 20+ hour single player campaign
  • Six playable character classes
  • Over 1000 weapons and items to collect
  • Unique retro ASCII graphics
  • Roguelike inspired randomly generated dungeons
  • Two game modes: Casual and Classic
  • Strategic and engaging combat system
  • Skill-based weapon and armor crafting
  • Full Original soundtrack by Rafael Langoni Smith